Ready to feel energized, focused, and balanced?
And no longer under the grips of sugar?

The 31-Day Sugar Experiment helps you create just that. 


Imagine waking up every day after a restful night of sleep, feeling light, peaceful, and ready to tackle all that comes your way - rather than dealing with the lingering physical and emotional stress that results from mindlessly snacking while scrolling on social media, binge watching shows or in the car.
Instead, you wake up:

Empowered to make the best decisions about eating and drinking every day, without ever dieting!

You will delight in the simple things:

*Waking up feeling energized
*Noticing your achy joints are quieting down
*Moving with ease in your body
*Relishing in your confidence to make the healthiest choices you can 
*Looking in the mirror and seeing your beautiful face, free of puffiness, redness, and adult acne
*Enjoying a flat stomach and no nasty surprises on the scale
*Living without plaguing digestive issues
*Feeling giddy about being done with diets forever 
*Smiling more radiantly than ever before    (because you feel great and your teeth do too!) 


The Sugar Experiment 31 is this and so much more!

The Sugar Experiment 31
A 31-Day Program To Kick Your Sugar Habit

May 23rd - June 22nd
(Prep Week May 16th)



*Boost Energy
*Enhance Mood
*Lift Brain Fog
*Reduce Bloating 
*Reverse Pre-Diabetes
*Eliminate Achy Joints 
*Minimize Belly Bloat 
*Alleviate Acne and Many Skin Issues
*Rejuvenate Your Skin Tone 
*Improve Sleep 
*Enhance Immunity 
*Shed Pounds and Inches
*Resolve Digestive issues 
*Laying the groundwork to prevent Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, Obesity, Fatty Liver Syndrome, and Cancer.   


If you're having doubt and feeling resistance, we understand! 
You may be thinking:
-I've tried numerous programs before and they never provide long-term benefits so why bother trying another one?

-I'm too old to break my sugar dependency, so why bother! 

-My food issues run deep and it's unlikely that this will help me!

-I'm too afraid to lose sugar, my BFF! 



Good News!
You Are Not Alone 
And We Can Help!


After more than a decade of trial and error with cleanses, detoxes, and diets, we've learned how to help you make small changes that create significant, lasting habits for a lifetime of radiant health. 
And here's what we know to be true:  

-You may believe that due to genetics, you are destined to develop diabetes or heart disease. This is not the truth. The Sugar Experiment will help you make new empowering choices to reverse and prevent diseases. 

-In 31 days, you can completely transform your relationship with sugar regardless of your age, weight, gender, or eating habits. 

-Your past eating history has nothing to do with your ability to create strong, healthy habits to last a lifetime.

-The Sugar Experiment is grounded in science, unique experimentation, functional medicine, integrative nutrition, and mindfulness. No matter where you are on your journey, The Sugar Experiment will be transformative. 

-On average, humans consume 70 pounds of added sugar every year and it's making us sick!


It's not rocket science or the Rubik's cube. Empowered choices are not a puzzle that can only be solved by a select few.

It's not as complicated as you may think.



-Realizing that sugar wears a cloak of innocence allowing it to stealthily invade your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

-Learning how food companies intentionally create addictive food to highjack your taste buds and your self-control.

-Adding in nutrient dense healing food so you are truly nourished - allowing you to become more focused and energetic. 

-Journaling to uncover hidden beliefs that guide your food choices and then rewriting your sugar story so that you can live a life of radiance. 

-Understanding how mindfulness can help you slow down and enjoy the delicious flavors of whole foods to help you thrive. 

-Creating new beliefs and lifelong habits so you no longer struggle with sugar dependency, ever again.

-Becoming sugar-free curious and asking yourself if you may benefit from understanding sugar's role in your life. 



A 31-Day Program Complete with Suggested Supplements and Healthy Food Choices

  1. Daily emails chock full of empowering educational and inspirational insight

  2. Healing recipes to help you feel healthier 

  3. Information to arm you with the knowledge you need to make the best food choices

  4. Tools to buy the healthiest available foods at the grocery store

  5. A safe, supportive environment of like-minded people to travel alongside you as you recreate your new, empowering food story

  6. Optional weekly live Zoom check-ins and coaching sessions

  7. Help to overcome obstacles that keep you stuck in your old disempowering habits

  8. Tools to help guide you when making food choices



  • A pathway to creating a healthy and strong body

  • A common-sense drama-free way of eating

  • Empowerment around your food choices 

  • The ability to be present and focused in your daily life 

  • A calm and peaceful relationship with your body 

  • Clarity on why you keep losing and gaining weight

  • Kindness and compassion for all parts of yourself 

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JenDorf - 6_edited_edited.png


For the past thirteen years, Jen has inspired hundreds of clients to improve their lives with wellness programs created for private, group, and corporate clients. She runs the Wellness Initiative at The Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut. While there, she spearheads mindfulness-related challenges and Lunch and Learns on various wellness topics for the seventy employees. 


Jen is a Holistic Nutrition and Mindfulness Coach who received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and participated in the acclaimed “Food as Medicine” training through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.  In addition, she has studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction created at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. And she completed Prana Meditation Teacher Training in 2019.

Since transforming her health through healing foods and mindfulness practices, Jen is deeply passionate about empowering others to do the same so they can live aligned, vibrant lives. 

She teamed up with Jean Marie Jackson and created a transformative program to help participants kick their sugar habit for good and achieve radiant health.



Plagued with unhealthy sugar addiction, Jean Marie teamed up with nutrition expert, Jen Dorf, to create an accessible, easy to follow program, to help people kick their sugar habit. The process delivers peace of mind, intellectual clarity, and emotional balance. Jean Marie Stein is the co-founder of This Radiant Life 31 and a lead researcher and creator of The Sugar Experiment 31. 


For the past ten years, Jean Marie has been deeply ensconced in the world of education, founding Thrive Tutoring NY, a bespoke tutoring enterprise focused on helping children thrive, not just survive!


She is a born analytical thinker and teacher. She has used her degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Education, to apply her problem solving skills at NASA, on Wall Street, in the classroom, and to the sugar situation. 

Jean Marie would like to inspire as many people as possible to free themselves from sugar’s grip, so that they can look at themselves in the mirror and say, I love This Radiant Life. 



"With all my heart I thank you, Jen and Jean Marie. I’ve become mindful of sugar, although not completely sugar free yet, I am consuming much less sugar added into foods and no actual added sugar in my tea!"
~Chris, 60s, Texas

"The really great news is, I just feel so much better. I have more energy, my skin feels better - people notice that! I lost 20 pounds over the past couple of months. I think the most important result of all of this is that I am now making this a lifestyle decision. We want to have those healthy habits in our life and I am really learning how to manage sugar - it is not managing me. Because that is what it has done for many years - sugar has managed me. The Sugar Experiment gave control over my choices. I am eating more mindfully and more thoughtfully. I am eating healthier!"
~Shelly, 40s, Arizona
"I wanted to let you know how amazing this program has been and how grateful I am for you guys - I've learned so much! It's funny how I've tried to be healthy my entire life, going from program to program, trying to learn something new. Had I known about TSE31, I would have never needed any other program. My husband and I look and feel so much better. It has never been about the weight, but he is down 20 pounds and I am down 6. Thank you!"
~Jennifer, 50s, Virginia

"The Sugar Experiment has helped me to avoid emotional eating and I am certainly better at questioning what my body needs rather than what my mind wants! I think The Sugar Experiment has been excellent. The amount of well-researched and supported information Jen and Jean-Marie put together would make a fantastic book!"
~Clare, 40s, Australia
"There was a lot of great information and I'm glad I participated in The Sugar Experiment. I'm definitely eating A LOT less sugar and am mindful and intentional when I do. I'm feeling stronger every day, more confident, more energy, calmer, and more content."
~Julie, 50s, New York

"The Sugar experiment taught me how to find hidden sugar when reading labels. I thought my daily breakfast of yogurt and granola was a healthy choice until I learned of the added sugar and preservatives! Thank you Jean and Jen for your support, wealth of knowledge and direction to guide me through the 31 days! I was left feeling more energetic and have adapted some new life style changes that focus on my overall well-being."​
~Carol, 50s, London

"I don’t think I am ever going to end this!"
~Jackie, 50s, New York 

"I’ve tried dieting to lose the 20 pounds I’ve been carrying around, but nothing has stuck until The Sugar Experiment. I mean it isn’t a diet - it’s a lifestyle change! After 14 weeks I am at my goal weight, effortlessly losing 20 pounds. I now enjoy the flavors of whole foods, and feel terrific, energized, and empowered!"
~Claudia, 70s, Maryland

"Jen and Jean Marie were so supportive and I looked forward to the daily emails which gave really helpful information about food, mindfulness and general health. I lost the last elusive five pounds and have kept them off!"​
~Abi, 40s, New York 


Are you:
Finished wondering if you can feel better in your body?
Ready to finally transform your relationship with sugar for good?

Interested in developing balance in your life?

The answers to creating a warm, supportive relationship with yourself are simple and accessible for all who want them.
And they happen here! 

All you have to do is commit to showing up for yourself for thirty-one days to discover how to gently step into your new empowering food story and mindset.

That's it. You in?


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