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Stress Eating? We can help!


Do you sometimes eat even though you aren’t hungry? Mindless eating can be due to exhaustion, loneliness, boredom, stress or just seeking a moment completely to yourself.


Or you may feel that you deserve a reward after a long, arduous day!


But this type of eating never gives you the true nourishment you crave and it can have detrimental side effects, including health issues, shame, and feelings of guilt while being out of control.


Learning to listen to your body, perhaps sitting with a moment of discomfort, is actually manageable once you give yourself a permission slip to take time for yourself. Practicing breathing, and noticing your thoughts that arise can help you uncover what you are truly hungry for emotionally.


Sugar's grip will loosen its hold over you once you break the cycle of using food to tend to your deeper needs. Food may fill you, though it will never fulfill you.


Check out this video to help you ride out waves of

incessant cravings.

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