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"Beautiful Program! "This is more than a diet, it is a powerful way to change your mindset around food. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the power that food has to revitalize health and well-being." 

~Heidi, 40s, Oregon

"Providing the structure and belief is what did it. Sometimes clear cut concise rules were useful: no white bread at restaurants. Scientific facts were terrific because they showed why we should get behind this system. And a daily email reminding us to stay with it for a variety of reasons was great."Thanks for a truly empowering experience!"

~Glenna, 50s, NY


"Sleeping soooo well!!!! No other significant changes, but that is ok. Sleep=health. Especially for the 60+ crowd."
~Mary Ellen, 60s, VT

"It turns out it wasn’t hard to change over. We weren’t mentally addicted to sugar, we just didn’t know how to get off of it or why to bother! Your giving us that framework enabled us to try something new. Both of us truly do feel so much better. "

~Jon, 50s, NY

"With all my heart I thank you, Jen and Jean Marie. I’ve become mindful of sugar, although not completely sugar free yet, I am consuming much less sugar added into foods and no actual added sugar in my tea!"

~Chris, 60s, Texas

"It is nine months since I completed The Sugar Experiment 31. One of my most important non-negotiables is that I read every label and look for the least amount of ingredients that I can't pronounce. Or, better yet, I just make the food myself."
~Jeramie, 50s, Virgina


"The really great news is, I just feel so much better. I have more energy, my skin feels better - people notice that! I lost 20 pounds over the past couple of months. I think the most important result of all of this is that I am now making this a lifestyle decision. We want to have those healthy habits in our life and I am really learning how to manage sugar - it is not managing me. Because that is what it has done for many years - sugar has managed me. The Sugar Experiment gave control over my choices. I am eating more mindfully and more thoughtfully. I am eating healthier!"

~Shelly, 50s, Arizona

"I wanted to let you know how amazing this program has been and how grateful I am for you guys - I've learned so much! It's funny how I've tried to be healthy my entire life, going from program to program, trying to learn something new. Had I known about TSE31, I would have never needed any other program. My husband and I look and feel so much better. It has never been about the weight, but he is down 20 pounds and I am down 6. Thank you!"

~Jennifer, 50s, Virginia

"The Sugar Experiment has helped me to avoid emotional eating and I am certainly better at questioning what my body needs rather than what my mind wants! I think The Sugar Experiment has been excellent. The amount of well-researched and supported information Jen and Jean-Marie put together would make a fantastic book!"

~Clare, 40s, Australia


"There was a lot of great information and I'm glad I participated in The Sugar Experiment. I'm definitely eating A LOT less sugar and am mindful and intentional when I do. I'm feeling stronger every day, more confident, more energy, calmer, and more content."
~Julie, 50s, New York

"The Sugar experiment taught me how to find hidden sugar when reading labels. I thought my daily breakfast of yogurt and granola was a healthy choice until I learned of the added sugar and preservatives! Thank you Jean and Jen for your support, wealth of knowledge and direction to guide me through the 31 days! I was left feeling more energetic and have adapted some new life style changes that focus on my overall well-being."​

~Carol, 50s, London

"I don’t think I am ever going to end this!"

~Jackie, 50s, New York 

"I’ve tried dieting to lose the 20 pounds I’ve been carrying around, but nothing has stuck until The Sugar Experiment. I mean it isn’t a diet - it’s a lifestyle change! After 14 weeks I am at my goal weight, effortlessly losing 20 pounds. I now enjoy the flavors of whole foods, and feel terrific, energized, and empowered!"

~Claudia, 70s, Maryland

"Jen and Jean Marie were so supportive and I looked forward to the daily emails which gave really helpful information about food, mindfulness and general health. I lost the last elusive five pounds and have kept them off!"​

~Abi, 40s, New York 

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