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What If Self-Compassion Became Your Super Power

"With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care we'd give a good friend" ~Dr. Kristin Neff

Hi Wellness Enthusiast- This past week many people have reached out to me expressing deep frustration and agitation about the never ending quarantine. I feel the same way! This experience has been daunting and excruciating for all of us. As we approach one year of on-going uncertainty and disconnection, I have found self-compassion to be a powerful tool we can all use. Recently, I started meditating with a self-compassion group on zoom which has been deeply nourishing. It reminds me of the healing power of soothing ourselves with kindness - rather than relying on others to provide the love and support we need during these universally challenging times. During the sit today with the group, the facilitator led us in a beautiful ritual. She invited us to gently place our hands over our head, temples, face, and finally the neck. This process is not only peaceful and soothing, it actually releases the love hormone, oxytocin. This hormone is the antidote to the stress hormones nor-epinephrine and cortisol. It's remarkable that we have the power to calm our own nervous system in seconds. The science on the healing benefits of self-compassion and touch are profound. Sadly, many of us have not had physical human connection for months, so now is an ideal time to experiment with self compassion. Check out the research on the healing benefits of self-compassion with Dr. Kristin Neff and her colleagues. I've created a Self-Compassion Circle to share these empowering tools with you - free of charge. Show up for yourself! Join me next Saturday, 2/27 and discover firsthand how with practice, you can transform yourself into a calm, joyful being. Please share this offering with all who may be curious or are in need.

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